Origin: Hungarian, Turkish Meaning: little father Gender: Male Since I’ve posted female names so far, I thought I’d start this with a male name today. Attila is the name of one of my male characters as well as being the name of the great Hun leader.


Origin: Greek, English, German, Danish Meaning: probably a variant of Lydia, which means “from Lydia” Variants: Lydda, it could also be a short form of Phyllida (Nameberry) Gender: Female I’m not really sure where I came across this name; I found it in a little notebook I keep of names wherever I come across them….


Origin: Hebrew, English, German Meaning: “My father is joy” or “father’s joy” Variants: Abigail, Gail, Gayle Gender: Female Abagaile (nickname Abbey) is a variation of Abigail, which is the most popular spelling of the name. This is the name of Soraya’s best friend, a highly dysfunctional woman with a lot of tics. Abagaile, as a…


Origin: Persian, Arabic, Turkish Meaning: Persian form of Arabic Thurayya meaning “rich” and “wealthy”. It’s also the name for the Pleiades. Variants: Soraia; Surayya; Thurayya Gender: Female The first name I want to post is Soraya, the name of one of my main characters. It’s a variation of Thurayya. I chose this name because it…

My First Post :)

I’ve always had a fascination with names, though not nearly as long as I’ve loved writing. I decided to create a blog about names and see where that takes me. I hope I can keep it up, since I have a tendency of never finishing much of anything, so fingers’ crossed 🙂 BTW, I’m no…