Origin: Turkish Meaning: a Turkish form of Alexander, which means “defender of men” or “defending men”. Variants: Iskinder, Iscander Gender: Male I think I really prefer this version of Alexander. There’s also the nickname Skander (as in the actor Skander Keynes, who was born Alexander).


Origin: Roman Meaning: Eagle Variants: Akilina, Akulina (both Russian) Gender: Female Aquilina is the feminine form of Aquila, which means eagle. I was going to do both Aquila and Aquilina in the same post but decided not to.

Aquila, Aquilinus

Origin: Ancient Roman Meaning: eagle Variants: Aquilo Gender: Male Aquila is the brother of Attila in my story. Originally a male name, a lot of people would consider it a female name because of the a ending (although I don’t). So this name could be considered unisex although there is a feminine form of Aquila,…