Origin: Old English, Persian Meaning: Comes from the surname of a person who sold scarlet cloth, or from the red color Variants: Scarlett Gender: female Scarlet is the sister of Neve in one of my stories. The name itself comes from the Persian word saghrilat.

Neve, Niamh

  Origin: Italian, Latin, Spanish, Irish Meaning: snow; bright/radiant Variants: Neva, Nieve, Niamh (Irish) Gender: female Neve means snow in both Italian, Spanish and Latin but it could also be an anglicization of the Irish Niamh, which means radiance, shine, beauty.


Origin: Germanic, Dutch, English Meaning: army man or army soldier Variants: Armand (French), Armando (Spanish), Hermann Gender: Male It reminds me of the author Herman Melville.


Origin: Celtic Meaning: little fierce one Gender: male Lorcan is a very cool Irish name with an especially wonderful meaning.


Origin: Latin, French Meaning: from Hadria Variants: Adrienne, Adriana, Adrianna, Adria, Adrie Gender: female Adriene is the feminine form of the male name Adrian.


Origin: French Meaning: Lark Gender: Female Although a female name, I used this one for a male character in one of my stories, though he goes by the nickname Alou.


Origin: French, German Meaning: It means either “wealth, fortune”, or it comes from the Germanic odal which means “fatherland” Gender: Female Odette is a diminutive of either Oda or Odilia, as well as being the name of the princess from Swan Lake


Origin: Greek, Hebrew Meaning: braver, melodious Gender: Male Variants: Arian, Aryon In Greek mythology, Arion was the name of a talking horse, the son of Poisedon and Demeter (or a human woman named Ino, as well as being the name of a famous musician in Ancient Greece. According to a few other sites, it’s also…


Origin: English Meaning: flower name, person from Catley/ Cat’s clearing Variants: Cataleya Gender: Female Cattleya comes from the genus Cattleya, a type of orchid. It was named after William Catley, whose surname comes from Old English elements catt “cat” and leah meaning “clearing” or “glade”, either meaning “Cat’s clearing” referring to someone by the name of Cat…


Origin: Greek Meaning: man of sorrows, man of grief/sadness/mourning Gender: male Pentheus is a name from Greek mythology as well as the name of a king of Thebes. Although its’ meaning is depressing, it does come with the great nickname Pen


Origin: Old Greek, Latin, Old Norse, German Meaning: Based on the Greek Korë, which means maiden, often used to refer to Persephone; it could also come from Latin meaning “little heart”; or could mean ravine in Old Norse Variants: Korra, Kora Gender: Female The name Cora was created by James Fenimore Cooper for his 1826…


Origin: Scottish & Irish Meaning: man of vigor or man of force Variants: Fearghas Gender: Male Fergus is an anglicized form of Fearghas and the name of an Irish prince. Nicknames include Fergie or Gus but I prefer the full name Fergus.


Origin: English Meaning: English nature name, comes from the holly tree Gender: Female Variants: Hollie, Holley Considering the holidays, Holly is a perfect name for a child born around winter or Christmas


Origin: Gaelic Meaning: poet, bard Variants: Tadhg Gender: Male Teague is a male name, an anglicization of the Gaelic name Tadhg.


Origin: German, English Meaning: universal, whole Variants: Emmy/Emmie, Ema Gender: Female Other languages: Ema (Croatian, Czech, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish) Emma is currently one of the most popular names in the U.S.; small wonder, since it’s such a short, two syllable name that seems both sweet and sassy and works in a lot of languages…


Origin: English, Scottish Meaning: church from old Norse “kirkja” Gender: Male I think Kirk Douglas and Kirk Cameron are two well-known bearers of the name. It doesn’t seem as if Kirk is a very common name. This character belongs to the brother of Ralph and Andrea in a sci-fi/fantasy world.


Origin: Old Norse, English Meaning: wolf counselor Variants: Ralf, Rafe Gender: Male Other languages: Radulf Ancient Germanic), Raoul (Italian, French), Raul (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) Comes from the Old Norse name Radulfr (or Radulf). In the Middle Ages, despite its spelling Ralph, it was often pronounced like Rafe. In the U.S., though, it’s definitely pronounced like…


Origin: English, German, Italian, Spanish Meaning: It’s the Italian masculine form of Andreas meaning “of man” or “belonging to man”. It’s also a feminine form of Andrew, which means “of man” or “belonging to man” Variants: Andria, Drew, Andie/Andy Gender: Unisex Other languages: Andreas, Andre, Andrew, Ander, Anders (all male); Andriana, Andrina, Drea (all female)…


Origin: Welsh Meaning: Seven Variants: Saith Gender: Male Pronounced “Sayth”, this was a difficult name to find any information on. According to the few sites I could find, it’s a Welsh name meaning 7. Either way, Seith is a pretty uncommon name. I’m not sure where I came upon it but I used it for…


Origin: English, German Meaning: Norman form of Emmerich, a Germanic name with the possible meanings of “industrious ruler” or “universal ruler” Variants: Emory, Amerie Gender: Unisex Other Languages: Amaury (French), Emerie Emery is similar to the name Emma, which is very popular right now in the United States. Unlike Emma, it can be used for…