Origin: French Meaning: from Germanic Adalhard, meaning “noble” + “brave, hardy”


Origin: English, French Meaning: fine, fair or handsome friend


Origin: English Meaning: son of Robin

Elaine, Elayne

Origin: English Meaning: form of Helen, meaning either “torch”, “corposant” or even “moon” from the Greek Selene Variants: Elaina, Elayna

Klement, Clement

Origin: Czech, Slovak, English, Latin Meaning: merciful, gentle


Origin: Biblical, Hebrew Meaning: slender, delicate, gentle, refined


Origin: Arabic Meaning: comes from the Arabic verb taraqa, meaning “to knock” or “to pound”, or taraq, striker. It’s also the name of the morning star. According to wikipedia, it also refers to someone who shows up unexpectedly at night and knocks on the door.


Origin: English, Latin Meaning: first used by William Shakespeare for one of his characters. It could have been based on Latin Oliva, meaning olive, or a feminization of Oliver which comes from Old Norse: either from Alfihar meaning “elf army/warrior” or Olaf “ancestor’s descendant”

Mischa, Misha

Origin: Russian, Ukrainian, English Meaning: Russian diminuitve form of Michael, meaning “who is like God?” Though it’s a male name in Russia and the Ukraine, it’s also been used for girls in the U.S.


Origin: French, Italian, English Meaning: it’s the feminine form of Simon, meaning “one who hears”. However, it’s a male name in Italy; Simona would be the Italian feminine form of it. In Italian, it’s pronounced with three syllables: see-MAW-ne.   http://forvo.com/search/simone/


Origin: Ancient Roman, English, Dutch, German Meaning: horn Cornelia is the feminine form of the name


Origin: Scottish Meaning: it was created by author R.D. Blackmore in 1869, perhaps based on a Scottish place name, Lorne, of unknown meaning


Origin: Japanese, Finnish Meaning: love, affection + jasmine ( 愛 莉 ) or love, affection + pear ( 愛 梨 ). I’ve also seen it listed as a Finnish feminine name which could be derived from Finnish airut, meaning “messanger, herald” though I’m not sure of that.


Origin: English, French Meaning: unknown, though possible means “golden city” in French. It was a name invented by Fanny Burney

Lianor, Leonor

Origin: Portuguese, English Meaning: form of Eleanor, meaning “the other Aenor”


Origin: Scottish, Gaelic Meaning: Scottish form of Alexander, “defender/protector of men” Variants: Alasdair, Alistair, Alastor, Alistir


Origin: Scottish, Gaelic Meaning: white, fair


Origin: Italian Meaning: masculine form of Carmen (“God’s vineyard ). It also comes from Latin Carmen, “song, tune” or “poem”. Comes from the English word charm

Melody, Melodia

Origin: English, Greek Meaning: comes from Greek Melodia, “chanting, singing”