Cato, Kato

Origin: Ancient Roman, Dutch, Hungarian, Japanese, African, Eastern African (Luganda), Ganda Meaning: wise; “pure, chaste” or “each of the two; singly”; “torture” or “my consecration of your name”; “add/increase” + “wisteria”; “second of twins” In Latin, Cato means wise and is the name of several Roman figures. It’s also the short of feminine names Catharina…


Origin: English, Biblical Meaning: God strengthens


Origin: Welsh Meaning: great tide, or great flow Dylana is the feminine form of Dylan


Origin: English Meaning: Tate’s homestead


Origin: German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, English Meaning: gray battle or gray gravel Variants: Grizelda, Grizel, Zelda


Origin: English, Japanese Meaning: either short form of Victoria, meaning “victory”; also means “bird” in Japanese Variants: Tory


Origin: Latin meaning: unknown


Origin: English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch Meaning: wealth, fortune + war variants: Editha, Edytha, Edythe, Edit


Origin: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese Meaning: form of Titus, possibly meaning “title of honor” Variants: Titus, Titos, Tytus


Origin: Faroese/Icelandic Meaning: silver flax


Origin: Latin Meaning: of Rome Variants: Romolo (male, Italian); Romola (female, Italian)


Origin: Latin, English Meaning: wood, forest Variants: Sylvie, Silvia, Sylva (unisex); Silvius (m), Silva (unisex), Silvio (m), Sylvain (m)


Origin: Welsh Meaning: Welsh form of Justin, meaing “just, upright” Variants: Jesten, Justin


Origin: Russian, English, Irish, Japanese Meaning: Kira has a tricky meaning. It’s the Russian feminine form of Cyrus, which itself could mean a variety of things. The sites I’ve gone to claim its’ meaning to be the Greek form of Persian Kurush, which could mean either “far-sighted” or “young”. It could also be from Greek kyrios, meaning…


Origin: Arabic, Turkish ( يوسف ) Arabic Meaning: Arabic and Turkish form of Joseph, meaning “God will increase/add” Variants: Yousef


Origin: German, Italian Meaning: either a diminutive of Elisabeth (my God is my oath, or my God is abundance), or a diminutive of Benedetta (blessed).


Origin: English Meaning: long hill, or ridge Variants: Langdon


Origin: English Meaning: refers to the coral reefs Variants: Koral


Origin: English Meaning: there are two different meanings to the name. It either means “black” from Old English blæc, referring to someone with a dark complexion or had dark hair, or it could be from Old English blāc meaning “pale” referring to someone with a light or fair complexion or was fair-haired.