Origin: Bulgarian Meaning: wolf

Daniella, Daniela

Origin: German, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovene, English Meaning: feminine form of Daniel, meaning “God is my judge”


Origin: English Meaning: mill town

Everild, Everilda

Origin: English Meaning: from old English Eoforhild, meaning “boar battle”

Averil, Averill

Origin: English Meaning: derived from English Eoforhild, meaning “boar battle”


Origin: Greek Meaning: red or flame-colored


Origin: Irish, English Meaning: From an Irish surname meaning descendant of Bradán (which mean salmon). It’s also an English surname meaning “broad hillside” or wide valley”


Origin: Greek Meaning: bee ( Μελισσα )

Steven, Stephen

Origin: English, Dutch Meaning: crown Though Steven is pronounced exactly as you see it (Steev-en), Stephen is pronounced as “Stef-en” though it’s more likely pronounced as Steven in the U.S.


Origin: French Meaning: the French feminine form of Michel, the French form of Michael, meaning “who is like God?”

Jacoby, Jacobie

Origin: English, Hebrew Meaning: form of Jacob, meaning “holder of the heel” or “supplanter”

Blanche, Blanchefleur

Origin: French, English, Arthurian Romance Meaning: Blanche means “white” while Blanchefleur means “white flower”


Origin: German, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish Meaning: derived from Latin Maximus, meaning “greatest”


Origin: Greek, English Meaning: it comes from the first letter of the Greek alphabet. In the English-speaking world, it’s used to describe something as being the first of the beginning of something, or a dominant person, a leader

Lewis, Louis

Origin: French, English, Dutch Meaning: form of Ludwig, meaning “famous war/battle” or “famous warrior”


Origin: Spanish, Greek, English Meaning: bright, clear, light from Greek leukados


Origin: Kazakh Meaning: noble light or honorable light