Origin: Greek Meaning: to give what is due; distribution of what is due, righteous anger In Greek mythology, Nemes was the goddess of vengeance and divine retribution. It's also where the English word nemesis comes from, where it can mean an avenger bringing about someone's downfall or destruction, or is something or someone that cannot … Continue reading Nemesis


Origin: Egyptian Meaning: the Greek form of Egyptian Hrw, reconstructed as Heru or Haru possibly meaning "falcon" or "high" referring to "The distant one" or "One who is high/above" In Egyptian mythology, Horus was the most important of the gods. Seen as the personal god of the reigning monarch at the time, he was also the god of the … Continue reading Horus


Meaning: unknown though there are several theories abut it. It comes from the older form of the name, Derdriu, which according to is possibly derived from a Celtic word meaning "woman". According to Llewellyn's Complete Book of Names by K.M. Sheard it could also come from Old Irish deir "says" + draoi "Druid" or der "daughter" + dér "tear"(drop) Deirdre is … Continue reading Deirdre