Origin: Slavic Милан (Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Macedonian) Meaning: from Slavic element milu meaning :gracious, dear”. According to Wikipedia, it also has Indian and Latin origins; in Hindu it’s supposed to mean “eager”, “worthy”, or “competitor”, all coming from an expression meaning “a coming together”. In Latin, it’s supposed to mean “eager and laborious” In Slavic-speaking countries, Milan…


Origin: English Meaning: dream Dreama comes from the English word dream, meaning “a succession of images, thoughts or emotions passing thru the mind during sleep”; “an aspiration or goal, or a reverie” according to It could also be a variant of Drema, from a Slavic surname meaning “to sleep, nap, doze”


Origin: Irish Meaning: little wolf, little hound


Origin: Welsh Meaning: fawn Despite its similiarity to Elaine, Elain is different etymologically


Origin: Finnish Meaning: Diminutive of Katariina, a Finnish and Estonian form of English Katherine which could mean “pure, chaste” from the Greek katharos; or it could come from hekateros, “each of the two; singly”; or from Greek aikia meaning “torture”. It could also be a Coptic name meaning “my consecration of your name”. It’s pronounced…