Meaning: variant of Parnell, which either comes from Old French meaning “little Peter” or it’s a vernacular form of Latin Petronia, the feminine form of Petronius meaning “yokel” Variants: Parnell, Parnel (f)


Origin: English, Scottish Meaning: refers to the variety of small shrubs with pink or white flowers


Origin: English, German Meaning: surname derived from given name Wendel, meaning “a Vandal”. It might also mean “tro travel, proceed”


Origin: French, Latin, English Meaning: “kingdom of Lothar” from Latin Lotharingia, referring to the great-grandson of Charlemagne whose realm included the part of France known as Lorraine (behindthename & babynamespedia). It also seems to be  a Scottish surname meaning “from Lorraine”


Origin: German, English Meaning: famous spear from the Germanic elements hrod “fame” and ger “spear”


Origin: Greek Meaning: From what I could find, there seem to be differing opinions as to what this name means. “Dorian woman” from behindthename; “gift of the ocean” from nameberry; and Wikipedia claims that Doris is derived from an ancient Greek tribe known as the Dorians, who supposedly derived their name from its founder, Dorus, which itself…


Origin: Finnish Meaning: thought


Origin: Spanish Meaning: dove


Origin: English Meaning: a diminutive form of Grace, from Latin gratia meaning “gracious”


Origin: English, French, German Meaning: advice protector


Origin: Greek, English Meaning: from Greek agathos meaning “good” Variants: Agathe


Origin: English Meaning: a Medieval form of Maurice, meaning “dark-skinned”  


Origin: English Meaning: nickname derived from Elizabeth meaning “My God is an oath/ My God is abundance ”  


Origin: Latin Meaning: from Latin albus meaning “white”, as well as coming from the Roman cognomen Albanus meaning “from Alba”


Origin: Greek Meaning: laurel Variants: Daphna, Dafne Daphne was a naiad who’d caught the attention of the god Apollo, who pursued her despite her rejection of him. She ran away from him and just as he wsa about to catch her, Daphne calls out to her father, a river god, to help her and he…


Origin: French, Breton Meaning: Breton diminutive form of Pierre, itsef the French form of Peteter meaning “stone”


Origin: French Meaning: French form of Greek Corinna, meaning “maiden” Variants: Corrine, Corryn, Corrina, Corinna, Corina


Origin: English Meaning: son of Jeffrey


Рома (Russian) Origin: Russian, Italian Meaning: In Russian, it’s a diminutive form of the name Roman, which comes from Latin Romanus meaning “Roman”. It’s also the Italian name of the city of Rome; in ancient Roman mythology, Roma was the female personification of the city