Origin: Greek

Meaning: From what I could find, there seem to be differing opinions as to what this name means. “Dorian woman” from behindthename; “gift of the ocean” from nameberry; and Wikipedia claims that Doris is derived from an ancient Greek tribe known as the Dorians, who supposedly derived their name from its founder, Dorus, which itself is either the Latin form of Greek Doros meaning “gift” or has an unknown meaning (as according to 20,

According to another site, the origins of Doris is: “connected with two words–dôron, “gift” or “bounty,” and zôros, “pure” and “unmixed.” Zôros was often used to describe fresh water and from it were derived words such as zôrua “a pipe for running water” and zôrux “a canal or water conduit.” ( This would make sense since in Greek mythology, Doris was a sea nymph married to the sea god Nereus and the mother of the 50 nereids.


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