Origin: Greek, Latin, Breton, English

Meaning: I’ve seen four different meanings for this name. The first is that it’s a combination of Melissa (meaning bee) and Lora (meaning laurel); or Melinda or Melanie (black, dark)

It could also be a variant of Meliora, from Latin Melior meaning “better” or “honey-maker” from a medieval French corruption of Breton Meler

I’ve also seen several sites list its meaning as “golden apple” and I couldn’t figure out where that meaning came from. The closest I’ve come to it is the Meloi Khryseoi, which translates to the golden sheep. It’s a tale from the legend of Psyche and Eros in which Psyche is tasked by Aphrodite into collecting the golden wool from these violent and vicious sheep aka the Meloi Khryseoi. According to, it translates to both “golden sheep” and “golden apple” since meloi means both apples and sheep in Greek. I’m still not sure how the Melora spelling came into being although it’s Latin spelling is Meli Chrysei so Melora could be an elaboration of Meli. But than it’s meaning wouldn’t be golden apple since the golden part comes from the second elemant chryseoi so technically, the meaning would be “apple” or “sheep”.

Melora is also part of the many Arthurian legends, in which she is the daughter of King Arthur and falls in love with a prince of Thessaly, Orlando, and she goes through a series of difficult tasks to save him when he is kidnapped, succeeds, and the two live happily ever after.


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