Origin: English Meaning: from Late Latin Laetitia meaning "joy, happiness" Letitia is the name of a Roman goddess, the personification of happiness Variants: Leticia, Laetitia, Lettice Lettie and Letty are diminutive/nickname forms of the name


Origin: Hungarian, Indian, Greek, Japanese Meaning: from Hungarian som meaning "dogwood, cornel tree" Soma is also the name of a plant (and a Hindu god) from which an intoxicating drink is used from that plant for an ancient Vedic ritual. Soma is also the name of a Rigvedic god who somehow became merged or equated with … Continue reading Soma


Origin: English, French Meaning: an English surname, an occupational name for a collector of tolls. It's also from Old French traverser (from late Latin transversare) meaning "to cross", referring to someone who lived near a bridge or ford


Origin: Latin Meaning: from Latin ianuarius after the Roman god Janus, whose name means archway. Janus was the god of doors and beginnings and is depicted as having two heads, one looking backwards and the other forwards. Variants: Januarius, Janvier