Origin: Hungarian, Indian, Greek, Japanese

Meaning: from Hungarian som meaning “dogwood, cornel tree”

Soma is also the name of a plant (and a Hindu god) from which an intoxicating drink is used from that plant for an ancient Vedic ritual. Soma is also the name of a Rigvedic god who somehow became merged or equated with the Hindu god Chandra since they were both moon deities.

As a drink, Soma is like ambrosia to the gods and for humans who drink it, it causes warriors to become fearless in battle and inspired poets to create-probably why the god Soma is seen as the god of poets. Interesingly enough, he’s rarely depicted as a full-grown human among his many forms, which include: a celestial bull, a bird, a giant rising from the waters, the lord of plants, and an embryo.

The Sanskrit Soma is believed to be derived from Proto-Indo-Iranian sauma, from the root of Indo-Iranian sav meaning “to press” or “to take liquid”

Sōma (σῶμα) is also a Greek word meaning “body”.

Sōma (also Sohma or Soma) is a Japanese surname (as well as the name of a clan durng the 16th century). It’s also the name of several places in Japan.I found three possible  forms of the name from Wikipedia although I couldn’t find any English translations for them:





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