Origin: Italian

Meaning: the Italian form of Latin Beatrix. This name has somewhat of a tricky meaning. Beatrix comes from Latin Viatrix, a feminine form of Viator meaning “voyager, traveler”. It could also mean “blessed” from Latin beatus, the spelling altered to resemble it.

I’ve also seen Beatrice listed as meaning “happy”, also from latin beatus so I’m not sure if they mean the same thing.

Beatrice is the name found in every dedication of A Series of Unfortunate Events and (spoiler alert) it turns out she is the mother of the Baudelaire siblings. I read that there are plenty of literary allusions in the series and if so, Beatrice would probably be an allusion to Dante’s Divine Comedy. Apparently, Beatrice Baudelaire is the great love of Lemony Snicker, who rejected him and married the Baudelaire children’s father, however it’s his unrequited love for her that makes him chronicle the misadventures of the Baudelaire orphans.


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