Molten Color Collection

Origin: Latin

Meaning: a short form of Calixtus from Roman Callistus, the Greek form of Kallistos meaning “most beautiful”. The Callistus spelling was perhaps influenced by Latin calix meaning “wine cup”.

Calix is also a Catalan and Portuguese surname, perhaps deriving from Portugeuse cálice or Catalan càlic both meaning “communion cup”. In Catalan it could perhaps be derived from calitx, a type of throwing game.

Variants: Calixtus, Callistus


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  1. It would be very cool to see Calix as a nickname for Calixtus!

    How would calitx be pronounced?


    1. apolla13 says:

      It would be a cool name, Calixtus “Calix”. Definitely not something you’d hear everyday.

      Calitx is pronounced like Cal-ech. There’s a link to forvo if you want to hear it.

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