Origin: Korean

Meaning: as usual the meaning depends on the hanja used, meaning there is a wide variety of meaning for Sun-Hye. Sun (also spelled Seon) means “to give, to be generous” and “good” depending on the hanja, while Hye means “bright, intelligent” or “favor, kindness”; the list below is copied from Wikipedia, listing the different meanings of Hye.

惠 (은혜 혜, eunhye hye): to favour

慧 (슬기로울 혜, seulgiroul hye): intelligent

兮 (어조사 혜, eojosa hye): exclamation

蕙 (풀 이름 혜, pul ireum hye): orchid

彗 (살별 혜, salbyeol hye): broomstick

譿 (슬기로울 혜, seulgiroul hye): intelligent

寭 (밝힐 혜 balkhil hye): to examine

憓 (사랑할 혜 saranghal hye): love

暳 (별 반짝일 혜 byeol banjjagil hye): twinkling star

蹊 (좁은 길 혜 jobeun gil hye): trail

醯 (식혜 혜 singhye hye): vinegar

鞋 (신 혜 sin hye): shoes

譓 (슬기로울 혜, seulgiroul hye): intelligent

鏸 (날카로울 혜 nalkaroul hye): sharp, pointed

匸 (감출 혜 gamchul hye): box

䚷 (진실한 말 혜 jinsilhan mal hye): honest words

Both Sun/Seon and Hye can also be used in different combination names, like Ji-Hye (f) or Hye-Rim (f), or Ha-Sun (u) or Sun-hwa (f), and they are both unisex names so they can be found in both female and male names, though from what I could find, Sun-Hye is a strictly feminine name. Sun/Seon and Hye can also be used as single name elements.

Hye-Sun/Seon is also another variant of the name, just switching the elements around.


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