Origin: African (Swahili); Arabic Meaning: it means “the brave one” or “brave person” in Swahili. I’ve also seen it listed as a variant of an Arabic male name, Jabir, which means “comfort” ot “bringer of comfort” although I’m not too sure of the accuracy on that.


Origin: German, West African (Igbo) Meaning: It’s a form of German Odo, from Otto, a short form of names beginning with Germanic element aud meaning “wealth, fortune”. It’s also a unisex name in Igbo meaning “peace”


Origin: English, African Meaning: comes from Old English Ceadda of unknown meaning though possibly based on Welsh cad “battle”. It’s also the name of an African country (which is also spelled Tchad), the Republic of Chad. One site claims its name comes from a lake, Lake Chad, meaning “large expanse of water”. According to Wikipedia, Chad is…


Origin: Eastern African, Ganda, Luganda Meaning: first of twins

Cato, Kato

Origin: Ancient Roman, Dutch, Hungarian, Japanese, African, Eastern African (Luganda), Ganda Meaning: wise; “pure, chaste” or “each of the two; singly”; “torture” or “my consecration of your name”; “add/increase” + “wisteria”; “second of twins” In Latin, Cato means wise and is the name of several Roman figures. It’s also the short of feminine names Catharina…