Origin: Georgian ეთერი (Georgian) Meaning: ether, air Eteriani (the tale of Eteri) is a medieval Georgian folk romance based on two lovers Eteri and Abesalom. They love each other and want to marry but Abesalom’s father, the king, refuses to allow the marriage. A courtier, Murman, is also in love with Eteri and sells his soul…


Origin: Greek  ( Ζεφυρος ) Meaning: the west wind In Greek Mythology, Zephyros was the Greek god of the west wind Variants: Zephyros, Zephyrus


Origin: Indian Meaning: feminine form of Anil, meaning “air, wind”

Arya, Aria

Origin: Indian, English Meaning: spelled Arya it’s an Indian name meaning ‘honorable, noble”. Spelled Aria it becomes a music word referring to a melody which means “air” in Greek and Latin and refers to a style of singing.