Origin: English

Meaning: a dimunitive of Christopher meaning bearing Christ, or Katherine which has several possible meanings: “pure, chaste” from the Greek katharos; or it could come from hekateros, “each of the two; singly”; or from Greek aikia meaning “torture”. It could also be a Coptic name meaning “my consecration of your name”.

Kit is also a word, a short form of kitten, referring to a baby cat.

Kit Snicket first appears at the end of the 11th book (The Grim Grotto) and makes subsequent appearances in the next two books as well. Apparently, she’s the sister of Lemony Snicket, was a friend of the Baudelaire parents, and seems to have a complicated past with Count Olaf.



Cattleya- Wikipedia

Origin: English

Meaning: flower name, person from Catley/ Cat’s clearing

Variants: Cataleya

Gender: Female

Cattleya comes from the genus Cattleya, a type of orchid. It was named after William Catley, whose surname comes from Old English elements catt “cat” and leah meaning “clearing” or “glade”, either meaning “Cat’s clearing” referring to someone by the name of Cat or referring to a clearing frequented by a lot of cats.