Origin: Greek, Aramaic Meaning: from Greek Bartimaios meaning “son of Timaeus” from Aramaic bar which means “son” and Greek name Timaeus meaning “to honor”. Bart and Barty are short forms of the name.


Origin: English, Aramaic Meaning: the English form of Bartholomaios, the Greek form of an Aramaic name, Bar-Talmai, meaning “son of Talmai”, the first part, Bar, meaning “son” in Aramaic. Talmai is a Hebrew name meaning “furrow”, referring to either a ploughman or someone who owned land. However, I’ve also seen it listed as meaning “son…


Origin: Aramaic Meaning: gazelle Tabby and Tibby are diminutive forms of the name. Variants: Tabatha, Tabita Dorcas is the Greek translation of Tabitha, also meaning “gazelle”


Origin: Greek, Aramaic Meaning: the Greek form of Aramaic Thaddai, which either comes from an Aramaic word meaing “heart”, or it is the Aramaic form of Greek Theodore, meaning “God’s gift” Variants: Thaddeus, Thad, Thaddaios