Origin: Greek, Aramaic Meaning: from Greek Bartimaios meaning “son of Timaeus” from Aramaic bar which means “son” and Greek name Timaeus meaning “to honor”. Bart and Barty are short forms of the name. Advertisements


Origin: English, Aramaic Meaning: the English form of Bartholomaios, the Greek form of an Aramaic name, Bar-Talmai, meaning “son of Talmai”, the first part, Bar, meaning “son” in Aramaic. Talmai is a Hebrew name meaning “furrow”, referring to either a ploughman or someone who owned land. However, I’ve also seen it listed as meaning “son…


Origin: Aramaic Meaning: gazelle Tabby and Tibby are diminutive forms of the name. Variants: Tabatha, Tabita Dorcas is the Greek translation of Tabitha, also meaning “gazelle”


Origin: Greek, Aramaic Meaning: the Greek form of Aramaic Thaddai, which either comes from an Aramaic word meaing “heart”, or it is the Aramaic form of Greek Theodore, meaning “God’s gift” Variants: Thaddeus, Thad, Thaddaios