Origin: English Meaning: one of the many, many nickname/diminutive forms of Elizabeth, meaning “My God is an oath” or “My God is abundance” Variants: Bettie


Origin: French, English Meaning: French feminine form of Bernard, derived from Germanic elements bern “bear” and hard “brave, hardy”, referring to someone who is brave and hardy like a bear

Bianca, Bianka

Origin: Italian, German, Hungarian, Polish Meaning: white


Origin: Irish, English Meaning: From an Irish surname meaning descendant of Bradán (which mean salmon). It’s also an English surname meaning “broad hillside” or wide valley”

Blanche, Blanchefleur

Origin: French, English, Arthurian Romance Meaning: Blanche means “white” while Blanchefleur means “white flower”


Origin: English, French Meaning: fine, fair or handsome friend


Origin: German, Italian Meaning: either a diminutive of Elisabeth (my God is my oath, or my God is abundance), or a diminutive of Benedetta (blessed).


Origin: English Meaning: there are two different meanings to the name. It either means “black” from Old English blæc, referring to someone with a dark complexion or had dark hair, or it could be from Old English blāc meaning “pale” referring to someone with a light or fair complexion or was fair-haired.


Origin: English Meaning: beautiful bright, shining or beautiful Diana (Phoebe was an epithet for Diana) Variants: Belphoebe


Origin: English Meaning: bright town, fair town Variants: Brighton


Origin: English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh Meaning: speckled Variants: Brice (Welsh)


Origin: Russian, Bulgarian, German, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Georgian Meaning: could possibly mean wolf, short, or snow leopard


Origin: English Meaning: bailiff Variants: Bailee


Origin: English, Arabic Meaning: king; brave, valiant Variants: Vasilios, Basileios; Basilia (f); Baseel (Arabic) Basil has 2 different origins and meanings It comes from the Greek Vassilios or Basileios, meaning “king”, or it could be Arabic meaning “valiant, brave”. Basil is also the name of an herb.


Origin: Italian form of French Béline Meaning: either a diminutive of Isabelle (“my God is oath” or “my God is abundance”) or comes from the French Belle, meaning beautiful. Could also be a form of Belinda, which means “beautiful snake” or “beautiful serpent” Variants: Belena


Origin: Biblical, Hebrew, English Meaning: possibly “snare” or “noose” from Hebrew “Rivqah”, perhaps referring to captivating beauty; or else it comes from an unknown Aramaic source Variants: Bekka, Becca, Rebecca, Becka Gender: Female Beka is a variant of Rebecca.

Brook, Brooke

Origin: English Meaning: one who lives near a stream; stream of water; to endure, tolerate, to suffer, to bear Gender: Unisex Variants: Brooks Brooke is both a nature name as well as being a word name