Origin: German Meaning: eagle


Origin: Greek Meaning: perhaps a form of Gemini, meaning twins, or a form of Jemima, meaning dove Variants: Jemina


Origin: English, German, Persian, Latin Meaning: to breath, to live; voice, sound; desired; bird Gender: Female Ava is a name that has a surprising number of meanings in different languages. It could be related to Latin avis meaning bird; it could be a variant on either Eve or an anglicization of Aoife; it could come from…


Origin: Chinese Meaning: colorful phoenix Gender: Female Cai means color or colorful while feng means phoenix in Chinese, hence the meaning “colorful phoenix”.


Origin: Arabic, Latin, Hawaiian Meaning: first leap or firstborn; winglet; hasten, hurry Gender: Female Alula is a name that has a lot of origins and quite a few meanings. In Arabic, it’s either first leap or firstborn. In Latin, it comes from ala, meaning wing, and alula is its diminutive, meaning winglet; alulae is its plural…


Origin: French Meaning: Lark Gender: Female Although a female name, I used this one for a male character in one of my stories, though he goes by the nickname Alou.


Origin: English Meaning: crow ford or ford where crows gather Gender: Male Crawford is an English surname that makes an excellent first name as well. Comes with nicknames Craw or Ford.


Origin: Roman Meaning: Eagle Variants: Akilina, Akulina (both Russian) Gender: Female Aquilina is the feminine form of Aquila, which means eagle. I was going to do both Aquila and Aquilina in the same post but decided not to.

Aquila, Aquilinus

Origin: Ancient Roman Meaning: eagle Variants: Aquilo Gender: Male Aquila is the brother of Attila in my story. Originally a male name, a lot of people would consider it a female name because of the a ending (although I don’t). So this name could be considered unisex although there is a feminine form of Aquila,…