Origin: Irish Meaning: an Anglicized form of Súilleabháin from Irish surname Ó Súilleabháin meaning “descendant of Súilleabháin”, Súilleabháin meaning “little dark eye” from Irish elements súil “eye” + dubh “black” and the diminutive suffix -án. Sully is a diminutive form of the name.


Origin: English Meaning: either from a surname from Old English cola meaning “charcoal”, or a nickname for Nicholas/Nicole meaning “victory of the people”

Devon, Devin

Origin: English, Irish Meaning: either comes from Irish surname Devin, an Anglicized form of Ó Damháin (meaning descendant of Damhán “fawn“) or an Anglicization of Ó Dubháin (meaning descendant of Dubhán “black, dark“). Devin is also an English surname meaning “divine” from Old French devin which comes from Latin. Apparently it was a nickname given to a person who…


Origin: English Meaning: a Medieval form of Maurice, meaning “dark-skinned”  


Origin: Basque Meaning: shadow


Origin: Russian, English, Irish, Japanese Meaning: Kira has a tricky meaning. It’s the Russian feminine form of Cyrus, which itself could mean a variety of things. The sites I’ve gone to claim its’ meaning to be the Greek form of Persian Kurush, which could mean either “far-sighted” or “young”. It could also be from Greek kyrios, meaning…


Origin: English Meaning: there are two different meanings to the name. It either means “black” from Old English blæc, referring to someone with a dark complexion or had dark hair, or it could be from Old English blāc meaning “pale” referring to someone with a light or fair complexion or was fair-haired.


Origin: English, French, Gaulish Meaning: wetland, swamp (Gaulish); of Lannoy (French) Variants: Delayno Gender: male The name Delano could come from several sources and, as a result, can have conflicting meanings. It could come from Old French, de La Noye or de Lannoy, a surname that means “from Lannoy” or “of Lannoy”. It could also…