Origin: English, African Meaning: comes from Old English Ceadda of unknown meaning though possibly based on Welsh cad “battle”. It’s also the name of an African country (which is also spelled Tchad), the Republic of Chad. One site claims its name comes from a lake, Lake Chad, meaning “large expanse of water”. According to Wikipedia, Chad is…

Carla, Karla

Origin: German, Scandinavian, Croatian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, English Meaning: the feminine form of Charles, derived from a Germanic word meaning “man”. It seems to have been used to describe men who were nor thralls or servants but who still lived at the bottom of society so it connotes the idea of a “free man”…


Origin: English Meaning: cliff, referring to someone who lived near a cliff


Origin: French Meaning: French form of Greek Corinna, meaning “maiden” Variants: Corrine, Corryn, Corrina, Corinna, Corina


Origin: Irish Meaning: little wolf, little hound


Origin: Greek Meaning: golden

Claud, Claude

Origin: English, French Meaning: form of Claudius, meaning lame, crippled


Origin: French Meaning: short form of Nicolette, meaning victory of the people


Origin: Indian Meaning: feminine form of Chetan, meaning visible, conscious, soul

Klement, Clement

Origin: Czech, Slovak, English, Latin Meaning: merciful, gentle


Origin: Ancient Roman, English, Dutch, German Meaning: horn Cornelia is the feminine form of the name


Origin: Italian Meaning: masculine form of Carmen (“God’s vineyard ). It also comes from Latin Carmen, “song, tune” or “poem”. Comes from the English word charm

Cato, Kato

Origin: Ancient Roman, Dutch, Hungarian, Japanese, African, Eastern African (Luganda), Ganda Meaning: wise; “pure, chaste” or “each of the two; singly”; “torture” or “my consecration of your name”; “add/increase” + “wisteria”; “second of twins” In Latin, Cato means wise and is the name of several Roman figures. It’s also the short of feminine names Catharina…


Origin: English Meaning: refers to the coral reefs Variants: Koral


Origin: Greek, Greek Mythology, English Meaning: from Mount Cynthos Variants: Kynthia, Cindy Cynthia is an epithet of the Greek goddess Artemis since she was supposed to be born on Mount Cynthos.


Origin: Italian Meaning: Italian form of Clara, meaning clear, bright, famous


Origin: Latin, English, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch Meaning: feminine form of Christian, meaning “Christian” Variants: Christine, Kristina, Kristine, Kristin, Kristen


Origin: Scottish Meaning: crooked nose Variants: Camryn


Origin: Latin Meaning: from Cyprus