Origin: Latin, Breton, English

Meaning: it could be a form of Meliora, from Latin melior meaning “better”. It’s used as the motto for the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY, and translate as “ever better” or “always better” on the idea to always strive to be better.

It could also be a corruption of Breton meler meaning “honey-maker”.

Melior also seems to be an English surname, a variant spelling of Mellor derived from a village in Lancanshire or Cheshire. It most likely means “bare hill”.

Melior is also a figure in European folklore, one of the sisters of Melusine who is depicted as a serpent of fish from the waistdown.

It also seems to be very popular in Cornwall, due to Saint Meliorius.

Variants: Meliora, Meliorius (m), Melor, Melora