Origin: Cornish Meaning: from a Cornish word meaning “violet”, referring to the flower. Pronounced mel-YON-en.  


Origin: Cornish Meaning: the Cornish form of Jacob meaning “holder of the heel” or “supplanter”. Pronounced jay-go.


Origin: Cornish Meaning: a Cornish form of Welsh Gwenfrewi composed of Welsh elements gwen meaning “white, fair, blessed” and frewi meaning “reconciliation, peace”.


  Origin: Latin, Breton, English Meaning: it could be a form of Meliora, from Latin melior meaning “better”. It’s used as the motto for the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY, and translate as “ever better” or “always better” on the idea to always strive to be better. It could also be a corruption of Breton meler meaning “honey-maker”….


Origin: Cornish Meaning: iris


Origin: Cornish Meaning: from a Cornish word meaning first


Origin: Cornish Meaning: a Cornish place name meaning “fort of Maeldaf” or “Maeldaf’s fort”

Jennifer, Gwenhwyfar, Guinevere

Origin: Welsh, Cornish Meaning: fair, white, smooth Jennifer is the Cornish form of the Welsh Gwenhwyfar; Guinevere is the Norman French form of it. Variants: Jenifer, Gwenhwyfar, Guinevere