Origin: Ancient Roman Meaning: a variant spelling of Drusilla, the feminine form of Drusus which is supposedly derived from the name of a Gallic chief killed by a Roman soldier, Drausus, possibly meaning “strong”. I’ve also seen it listed as being derived from Greek drosos meaning “dew”. I’ve also come across as it being derived from Celtic daru-…


Origin: English Meaning: there are several possible meanings for the name but nothing concrete, and they may not even be accurate. It’s from a surname denoting someone who came from a place called Denzell in Cornwall. I’ve seen it listed as meaning “fort”, “fertile highland” or “high stronghold”. I’ve also seen it listed as being a…


Origin: Persian Meaning: a Roman form of Dareios, the Greek form of Persian Darayavahush meaning “to possess good” from daraya “to possess” or “to hold” and vahu “good”. Variants: Darrius; Dariush and Daryush are the Persian forms of the name; Dario (Italian, Spanish, Croatian). Daria is a feminine form of the name.


Origin: English Meaning: from an English surname from Old Norse Draki or from Old English Draca, both meaning “dragon”. It’s also an English word meaning “male duck”.


Origin: Italian Meaning: the Italian form of Late Latin Durans or Durantis meaning “enduring” or “to endure”. Dante is the medieval short form of the name; the author of The Divine Comedy Dante Alighieri’s full name was Durante degli Alighieri. Variants: Durand, Dante


Origin: Greek Meaning: Latinzed form of Greek Damokles meaning “the people’s glory” or “glory of the people” from demos (people) and kleos (glory). This is the name of Damocles Dock in the 3rd book (The Wide Window). There’s a famous story about the Sword of Damocles. Damocles was a man who conveyed his amazement and envy to a rich…


Origin: Slavic, Italian Драго (Serbian) Meaning: from Slavic element dragu meaning “peace” as well as being a short form of names beginning with the element (such as Dragan, Dragomir, or Dragas, etc.) It’s also an Italian word meaning “dragon”, the Italian form of Latin draco Draga is its feminine form


Origin: Italian, Scottish Meaning: from Italian donna meaning “lady”. It’s also a feminine form of Donald meaning “ruler of the world”


Origin: English Meaning: from an Old English name Dederick, a Low German form of Theodoric meaning “ruler of the people” Variants: Derrick


Origin: French Meaning: form of Destrier from Anglo-Norman word destrer meaning “warhorse” Variants: Destrie, Destrey


Origin: Latin, English Meaning: from Latin Dominicus meaning “of the Lord” Variants: Dominick, Dominik


Origin: Greek ( Δωροθεα ) Meaning: from Greek doron “gift” and theos “god” meaning “gift of God” Variants: Dorothy, Dora

Devon, Devin

Origin: English, Irish Meaning: either comes from Irish surname Devin, an Anglicized form of Ó Damháin (meaning descendant of Damhán “fawn“) or an Anglicization of Ó Dubháin (meaning descendant of Dubhán “black, dark“). Devin is also an English surname meaning “divine” from Old French devin which comes from Latin. Apparently it was a nickname given to a person who…


Origin: English, Latin Meaning: from Latin decem meaning “ten” because, originally, it was the tenth month of the year in the Roman calender, which began with March


Origin: Cornish Meaning: a Cornish place name meaning “fort of Maeldaf” or “Maeldaf’s fort”


Origin: Greek Meaning: from Greek damazo meaning “to tame” Variants: Damion, Damien, Damianos, Damianus, Damyan, Demyan


Origin: Italian Meaning: an Italian feminine form of Damian from Greek Damianos meaning “to tame”


Origin: English, Anglo-Saxon Meaning: an ancient place name variously recorded as Dubris, Dofras, and Doferum. The meaning is a bit tricky since there seems to be different thoughts on it. The most held belief is that the name came from Celtic origin, Dubra, meaning “waters” but there’s also another claim that it means “port of the…


Origin: Irish, Welsh Meaning: debated, and numerous. Have you ever come across a name you think you know about but than you look it up and you realize that there are a lot of contradictory information about it? Well, this name was one of them. Originally I thought it was a variant spelling of Welsh…


Origin: English Meaning: a word name referring to the first appearance of daylight in the morning. It also refers to the beginning or rise of an event