Origin: English Meaning: from an English surname from Old Norse Draki or from Old English Draca, both meaning “dragon”. It’s also an English word meaning “male duck”.


Origin: Slavic, Italian Драго (Serbian) Meaning: from Slavic element dragu meaning “peace” as well as being a short form of names beginning with the element (such as Dragan, Dragomir, or Dragas, etc.) It’s also an Italian word meaning “dragon”, the Italian form of Latin draco Draga is its feminine form


Origin: Italian form of French Béline Meaning: either a diminutive of Isabelle (“my God is oath” or “my God is abundance”) or comes from the French Belle, meaning beautiful. Could also be a form of Belinda, which means “beautiful snake” or “beautiful serpent” Variants: Belena


Origin: Chinese Meaning: dragon greatness, or great dragon Gender: Male