Origin: English, Medieval French Meaning: a medieval form of Peter from Greek Petros meaning “stone”. Piers is also the plural form of pier. Pier also happens to be the Dutch form of Peter, as well as being the English term for a raised structure extending from land over water and usually used as a landing place…


Origin: Arabic مروان‎‎ (Arabic) Meaning: from what I could find, it supposedly means “solid stone” Variants: Maruan, Marouane, Merouane, Merwan, Mervan


Origin: Greek Meaning: iron In Greek mythology, Sidero was the second wife of Salmoneus and the stepmother of his daughter Tyro, whom she apparently mistreated. This earned her the hatred of Tyro’s sons and was killed by Tyro’s son Pelias, who killed her on the altar of Hera and earned the goddess’s hatred.


Origin: English Meaning: a medieval variant of Silvester, a Roman name meaning “of the forest” from Latin silva “wood, forest”. Sylvestra and Silvestra is a feminine form of the name. Sly and Vester are diminutive forms of the name Variants: Silvester; Sylvestre (French); Silvestro (Italian); Silvestre (Spanish)


Origin: English Meaning: feminine form of George which comes from Greek georgos (γεωργος) meaning “farmer, earthworker”, from Greek elements ge (γη) “earth” and ergon (εργον) “work”. Georgina Orwell is one of the antagonists in Book 4 (The Miserable Mill), an associate of Count Olaf’s who tries to help him steal the Baudelaire fortune. She meets a particularly gruesome end. Georgina…


Origin: Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean Meaning: farmer, earthworker; lily; glass Yuri is a male Russian name, a variant transcription Yuriy, which is the Russian and Ukrainian form of George, meaning “farmer, earthworker”. ( Юрий ) Russian;  ( Юрій ) Ukrainian Yuri is also a Japanese female name meaning “lily” (百合).. Yuriko (百合子) is a variant of the…


Origin: English Meaning: Feminine form of George, meaning farmer, earth worker Variants: Georgina, Georgia, Georgine, Georgianna, Georgette


Origin: English Meaning: from Latin laurus meaning laurel Variants: Laura, Lora


Origin: Latin Meaning: Earth