Origin: Germanic Meaning: it comes from Germanic element avi of unknown meaning, though possibly meaning “desired”. Aveline, Avelina/Evelina and Evelyn derive from it, as well as Ava. Avila is also the name of a city in Spain, as well as a Spanish and Galician surname. Variants: Aveline, Avelina, Evelina, Evelyn, Avice Avis, Ava


Origin: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Galician Meaning: the Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Galician form of Greek Linus meaning “flax” Variants: Linus (Greek); Linos (Ancient Greek); Linas (Lithuanian)


Origin: Galician Meaning: Galician form of Joel, from Hebrew Yo’el meaning “Yahweh is God” I think this name is pronounced zo-el but I’m not too sure on that. This name is not from A Series of Unfortunate Events– there were no X names that I could find so I just picked one.


Origin: Greek, Galician Λωις (Greek) Meaning: possibly derived from Greek loion meaning “more desirable” or “better” It’s also a male Galician form of Louis, a Latinized form of Ludwig meaning “famous war, battle”