Origin: German

Meaning: from Germanic Gundahar meaning “war, army/warrior” from Germanic elements gund (war) and hari (army, warrior)

In the Germanic saga Nibelungenlied Gunther is a king who wants to marry Brunhild, a shieldmaiden or valkyrie, but someone who is very strong and fierce. She sets a series os tasks for Gunther that are impossible for him to do, so his oath-brother (and later brother-in-law) Siegfried took his place with the aid of an invisible cloak, won the trials, and eventually Brünhild’s hand in marriage to Gunther (all without her knowing the truth for years to come). However, in the end, Gunther ends up betraying Siegfried, having him killed, and later he himself meets a violent end.

In A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 6 (The Ersatz Elevator) Gunther is one of the aliases Count Olaf uses when he tries to get close to the Baudelaires and their new guardians.

Variants: Günther, Gunter, Günter