Origin: English, Spanish, French Meaning: derived from Spanish (piedra de) ijada meaning “colic stone” or “(stone of the) flank” relating to the belief that jade could protect the kidneys and intestines from disease. Jade is believed to symbolize purity, wisdom, justice, loyalty, sincerity and truth Variants: Jayde, Jada, Giada (Italian), Jaida, Jayda


Origin: Persian Meaning: turquoise


Origin: Latin, English Meaning: green Variants: Veridian Gender: unisex Viridian comes from the Latin viridis (green) and the suffix –ian. It’s a color that has more green than blue, though,


Origin: Greek Meaning: green shoot Variants: Chloé, (French), Kloé (Hungarian), Cloe (Italian), Cloé (Portuguese), Chloe (English) Gender: Female Chloë was used as an epithet for the Greek Goddess Demeter