Origin: English Meaning: harp player, or someone who made harps


Origin: English, German Meaning: heart, mind or spirit Variants: Hughie, Hugo


Origin: Ancient Roman Meaning: hour, time Variants: Horatius, Horace, Orazio (Italian), Horacio (Spanish), Horatia (feminine)


Origin: Japanese Meaning: pure blessing It’s a different name from the male name Haku, which means white. Incidentally, I’m not sure at all about Hakue as a name and its meaning, so I could find so little about it online. To be honest, I don’t even know where I came across the name; I had…


Origin: Arabic Meaning: beloved, darling Variants: Habib (male form)


Origin: English Meaning: hay valley or hay hill Variants: Haydn, Haden


Origin: Arabic Meaning: gift Variants: Hibah


Origin: English, Germanic Meaning: home ruler Variants: Harry, Hal, Hank Gender: Male Other languages: Heinrich (German); Henrik (Scandinavian); Henri (French); Enrique (Spanish); Enzo (Italian) Henry comes from the Germanic Heimric; it has a lot of forms and nicknames and the name of several kings of England, including the current Prince Henry (known as Harry). It…


Origin: German Meaning: noble kind, noble sort Gender: Female Heida is a German diminutive of Adelheid, which itself is the German form of the French Adelaide. Pronounced “hie-dah”.


Origin: Germanic, Dutch, English Meaning: army man or army soldier Variants: Armand (French), Armando (Spanish), Hermann Gender: Male It reminds me of the author Herman Melville.


Origin: English Meaning: English nature name, comes from the holly tree Gender: Female Variants: Hollie, Holley Considering the holidays, Holly is a perfect name for a child born around winter or Christmas

Vesta, Hestia

Origin: Roman; Greek Meaning: hearth, fireside Gender: Female Vesta is the Roman form of the Greek Hestia, both of them being the goddesses of the hearth