Origin: Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Slovak, Croatian

هناء (Arabic)

花 (Japanese)

華 (Japanese)

하나 (Korean)

Meaning: Hana is multicultural name with many different meanings. In Arabic it means “bliss, happiness”. In Persian, Farsi and Kurdish, spelled ( حَنا ) it becomes the name of the henna plant while Kurdish  ( هانا ) means “hope”- though the last two are based on shaky evidence. Hana is also a place name in Iran.

Hana is also a Japanese name meaning “flower”.

It’s also a Korean name meaning “one”.

Hana is also the Czech, Slovak and Croatian form of Hannah meaning “favor” or “grace”.

According to Wikipedia, Hana means “moon” in Albanian.

In Hawaiian, Hana means “craft” or work” as well as being a place name in Maui.

In Maori, it means “to shine, glow, radiate, give out heat” as a verb and “flame, glow, warmth, heat, radiance” as a noun.

Hana could also be a variant spelling of Hannah.

Variants: Hanaa (Arabic); Ha-na (Korean)


Origin: Arabic, Latin, Hawaiian

Meaning: first leap or firstborn; winglet; hasten, hurry

Gender: Female

Alula is a name that has a lot of origins and quite a few meanings. In Arabic, it’s either first leap or firstborn. In Latin, it comes from ala, meaning wing, and alula is its diminutive, meaning winglet; alulae is its plural form. Alula is the name referred to a part of a bird’s wing, which has 3 to 5 small wing feathers depending on the species and helps the birds navigate through the air. Alula (or Ōlulu) is also what the Brighamia insignia is commonly referred to, a critically endangered plant species unique to Hawaii. It’s also a word in Chamarro, a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in Guam but which is in danger of becoming extinct; it means to hasten, hurry. I’ve also seen it written as alulaye, which I think is a plural form of the word but I’m not sure on that.