Origin: Irish Meaning: I’ve seen it listed as meaning “exalted one”, but also coming from Celtic brig/brigant meaning “high” or briga meaning “might” and “power”. Variants: Brighid, Bridget, Bridgette, Bride, Brid, Breda; Brigitta, Brigitte, Birgitta, Britta, Brigida In Irish mythology, Brigid is one of the triple goddess and ruled over healing, poetry and smithcraft.


Origin: Irish Meaning: an Anglicized form of Lasairfhiona, composed of elements lasair meaning “flame” and fion meaning “wine”, essentially meaning “flame of wine”. Lassarina is another name for the Irish goddess Lasair (whose name means flame). Part of a goddess triad (her sisters being Inghean Bhuidhe and Latiaran) who presided over the growing, ripening and harvesting of the crops….


Origin: Irish Meaning: Anglicized form of Bébinn meaning “fair lady” though some sources also list it as meaning “melodious woman”. It’s also sometimes used as an Anglicization of Vivian though it’s totally unrelated to the name In Irish mythology Bébhinn is a goddess of childbirth as well as the name of several other figures. It’s…


Origin: Irish Meaning: from Irish fionn “white, fair” and guala “shoulder”, meaning “white/fair shoulder” In Irish mythology, Fionnuala was the daughter of Lir who, along with her three brothers, were changed into a swan by their stepmother for 900 years until the curse was broken. Nuala is a diminutive of the name. Variants: Finnguala, Fionnghuala, Finola, Finnuala


Origin: Irish Meaning: Anglicized form of Irish Medb, meaning “intoxicating” or “she who intoxicates”


Origin: Irish Meaning: little wolf, little hound


Meaning: unknown though there are several theories abut it. It comes from the older form of the name, Derdriu, which according to is possibly derived from a Celtic word meaning “woman”. According to Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Names by K.M. Sheard it could also come from Old Irish deir “says” + draoi “Druid” or der “daughter” + dér “tear”(drop) Deirdre is…


Origin: English, Irish Meaning: deer lover Variants: Oskar


Origin: Irish Meaning: wolf lover; hound lover Variants: Conor, Conner, Conchobhar, Conchúr, Konner Gender: Male Connor is the anglicized version of the Irish Conchobhar

Neve, Niamh

  Origin: Italian, Latin, Spanish, Irish Meaning: snow; bright/radiant Variants: Neva, Nieve, Niamh (Irish) Gender: female Neve means snow in both Italian, Spanish and Latin but it could also be an anglicization of the Irish Niamh, which means radiance, shine, beauty.


Origin: Scottish & Irish Meaning: man of vigor or man of force Variants: Fearghas Gender: Male Fergus is an anglicized form of Fearghas and the name of an Irish prince. Nicknames include Fergie or Gus but I prefer the full name Fergus.