Origin: Hebrew, English, Biblical, Japanese Meaning: pleasantness; honest, straight + beautiful or honest, straight + self  ( 直美 ) or ( 直己) Variants: Noemi, Noémie, Nomi In Japanese, Naomi is a diffrent name from the Biblical Naomi. It’s a unisex name which, depending on the kanji, means honest, straight + beautiful for females  ( 直美 ) or  honest,…

Rio, Ryou

Origin: Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese Meaning: river in Portuguese and Spanish; various meanings for the feminine form of Japanense Rio such as jasmine center (莉 央), jasmine thread (莉 緒) jasmine cherry blossom (莉 桜); or village center (里 央), village thread (里緒), or village cherry blossom (里 桜) For male name Ryou the meanings become: cool,…


Origin: Japanese Meaning: pure blessing It’s a different name from the male name Haku, which means white. Incidentally, I’m not sure at all about Hakue as a name and its meaning, so I could find so little about it online. To be honest, I don’t even know where I came across the name; I had…


Origin: Japanese Meaning: true first (son)  真一


Meaning: Scandinavian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Japanese Meaning: thunder; tiger Tora is a form of Thora, which comes from Thor meaning thunder; it also means tiger in Japanese


Origin: Japanese Meaning: it’s a word name that means capital in Japanese; as a female given name, it means beautiful night child. 美夜子


Origin: Japanese Meaning: hundred nights


Origin: Native American; Japanese Meaning: son of the chief; serene truth/ gentleness, superiority/ distant leisurely + horse/hemp/ true, genuine Variants: Yuuma Gender: unisex This was one of the hardest names I’ve ever tried to find any information on. It seems to be both a Native American name and a unisex Japanese name, which was where…