Origin: Russian, Polish Роксана (Russian) Meaning: Russian and Polish form of Roxana, ultimately derived from Persian Roshanak meaning “bright” or “dawn”. Variants: Roxana, Roxanna, Roxane, Roxanne, Roshanak


Origin: Greek Φοιβη (Greek) Phoibe Meaning: the name has been associated with  Greek phoibos meaning “bright, light, radiant”, phoibaô “to purify” or phoibazô “to give prophesy”. Variants: Phoibe, Phebe, Phoibe; Phoebus (m) In Greek mythology, Phoebe was a Titan, goddess of the moon and the consort of her brother Coeus with whom she had two children, Asteria…


Origin: English, Greek, Dutch Meaning: a medieval form of Helen, probably derived from Greek ‘ελενη (helene) meaning “torch” or “corposant” or possibly related to Greek σεληνη (selene) meaning “moon”. Ellen is also a short form of Dutch Eleonora, a cognate of Eleanor meaning “the other Aenor”. Variants: Helen, Helene, Helena, Hellen, Elena, Eleni, Elene


Origin: Hebrew לִיאוֹרָה (Hebrew) Meaning: a strictly feminine form of Lior meaning “light for me”. Variants: Lior (unisex); Liorit (f) Though Leora is a variant spelling of the name it’s also a diminutive of Eleanor “the other Aenor”.


Origin: Latin, English Meaning: Created by the poet Richard Lovelace from Latin lux (light) and casta (pure) meaning “pure light”. Apparently he based the character on a woman he loved, Lucy Sacheverel.


Origin: Latin Meaning: a feminine form of Latin Lucianus, from Roman praenomen Lucius meaning “light”. Variants: Luciano (m), Lucianus (m) Luciana is an alias Esmé Squalor uses in the 7th book (The Vile Village). Luciana can be pronounced as loo-CHAH-nah, loo-SYAH-nah, or loo-THYAH-nah.


Origin: Latin, English Meaning: the name of a Dukedom created in 1362 from Latin title Clarensis for the son of King Edward III when he married the heiress of a powerful family of de Clare (meaning bright, clear, famous).


Origin: Spanish, Greek, English Meaning: bright, clear, light from Greek leukados


Origin: Kazakh Meaning: noble light or honorable light

Elaine, Elayne

Origin: English Meaning: form of Helen, meaning either “torch”, “corposant” or even “moon” from the Greek Selene Variants: Elaina, Elayna


Origin: Scottish, Gaelic Meaning: white, fair


Origin: Turkish Meaning: could be a trasncription of Hebrew Elah, meaning “oak tree” or “terebinth tree”; it’s also a Turkish name meaning “moonlight, halo” Variants: Ajla (Bosnian)


Origin: Hebrew, Biblical Meaning: my light Variants: Ouri


Origin: Italian Meaning: Italian form of Clara, meaning clear, bright, famous


Origin: English Meaning: beautiful bright, shining or beautiful Diana (Phoebe was an epithet for Diana) Variants: Belphoebe


Origin: Greek Meaning: shining one Variants: Pháeton (French) Gender: Male It’s the name of the Greek god of the sun Helius, who almost crashed the sun into the earth and was killed by Zeus to prevent it from happening.


Origin: Greek Meaning: bright Variants: Phaidra Gender: Female With its pronunciation, it easily comes with the nickname Phae or Fay.