Origin: English, German, Persian, Latin

Meaning: to breath, to live; voice, sound; desired; bird

Gender: Female

Ava is a name that has a surprising number of meanings in different languages. It could be related to Latin avis meaning bird; it could be a variant on either Eve or an anglicization of Aoife; it could come from the Germanic element avi, meaning “desired”. Ava is even used in Iran and Central Asia, either related to Persian meaning “sound, voice” or to Avestan meaning “first”.

Vina, Veena

Origin: Indian, English, Scottish, Spanish

Meaning: lute/ yearning/ wine or vineyard/ noble friend/ beloved

Variants: Vena, Vina

Gender: Female

Veena is a name with a variety of backgrounds and meanings. As Vina, it means lute in Sanskrit; as Vena, it’s meaning translates to yearning, also in Sanskrit. Vina can also be a short form of names like Alvina, Davina, and Malvina.


Origin: Greek, Hebrew

Meaning: braver, melodious

Gender: Male

Variants: Arian, Aryon

In Greek mythology, Arion was the name of a talking horse, the son of Poisedon and Demeter (or a human woman named Ino, as well as being the name of a famous musician in Ancient Greece. According to a few other sites, it’s also a male Hebrew name meaning melodious although I’m not sure how accurate that is.