Origin: Italian Meaning: feminine form of Massimo, the Italian form of Maximus meaning “greatest”. A massima is also a musical note (also known as a maxima, a duplex longa or a larga) though it seems to be largely obsolete.


Origin: Hebrew יָרוֹן (Hebrew) Meaning: to sing, to shout Variants: Jaron; Yarona is the feminine form of the name.

Arya, Aria

Origin: Indian, English Meaning: spelled Arya it’s an Indian name meaning ‘honorable, noble”. Spelled Aria it becomes a music word referring to a melody which means “air” in Greek and Latin and refers to a style of singing.


Origin: Italian Meaning: masculine form of Carmen (“God’s vineyard ). It also comes from Latin Carmen, “song, tune” or “poem”. Comes from the English word charm

Melody, Melodia

Origin: English, Greek Meaning: comes from Greek Melodia, “chanting, singing”


Origin: English Meaning: one who plays the pipes or flute


Origin: English Meaning: harp player, or someone who made harps


Origin: English, German, Persian, Latin Meaning: to breath, to live; voice, sound; desired; bird Gender: Female Ava is a name that has a surprising number of meanings in different languages. It could be related to Latin avis meaning bird; it could be a variant on either Eve or an anglicization of Aoife; it could come from…

Vina, Veena

Origin: Indian, English, Scottish, Spanish Meaning: lute/ yearning/ wine or vineyard/ noble friend/ beloved Variants: Vena, Vina Gender: Female Veena is a name with a variety of backgrounds and meanings. As Vina, it means lute in Sanskrit; as Vena, it’s meaning translates to yearning, also in Sanskrit. Vina can also be a short form of…


Origin: Greek, Hebrew Meaning: braver, melodious Gender: Male Variants: Arian, Aryon In Greek mythology, Arion was the name of a talking horse, the son of Poisedon and Demeter (or a human woman named Ino, as well as being the name of a famous musician in Ancient Greece. According to a few other sites, it’s also…