Origin: English Meaning: It was originally a diminutive of Annis (a medieval form of Agnes meaning “chaste”) or Anne, meaning “favor” or “grace” It’s also a place name in France Variants: Nancie, Nanci, Nancee


Origin: Slavic, Italian Драго (Serbian) Meaning: from Slavic element dragu meaning “peace” as well as being a short form of names beginning with the element (such as Dragan, Dragomir, or Dragas, etc.) It’s also an Italian word meaning “dragon”, the Italian form of Latin draco Draga is its feminine form


Origin: English Meaning: a diminutive form of Esther meaning “star” in English. Esther could also be a derivative of Ishtar, a Babylonian and Assyrian goddess, whose meaning is unknown


Origin: English Meaning: diminutive form of Queen, which comes from Old English cwen meaning “woman, wife”. Also a word name referring to a female monarch/sovereign


Origin: Russian Meaning: diminutive of Tatiana, the feminine form of Roman Tatianus from Tatius of unknown meaning Variants: Tania


Origin: English Meaning: though J.M. Barrie created the name from a nickname meaning “friendly”, the name had been used prior to Peter Pan, possiby related to Welsh Gwendolen and other names beginning with the element gwen meaning “white, fair, blessed”. Wendy could also be the feminine form of Wendel/Wendelin meaning “vandal” Variants: Wendi, Wendie


Origin: English Meaning: Medieval diminutiveof Robert meaning “bright fame”. It’s also a bird name


Origin: Greek Meaning: short form of Anthea or Anthe, both meaning “flower, blossom” Variants: Antheia


Origin: English, Italian Meaning: originally a short form of Germanic names that began with the element helm meaning “helmet, protection”, such as Guglielmo, the Italian form of William. It’s also a derivative of Erasmus, meaning “beloved”


Origin: Russian ( Наташа ) Meaning: a Russian diminutive of Natalya, meaning “Christmas day” from  Latin natale domini meaning “birth of the lord” and as natalis means “birth” the phrase refers to someone born on or near Christmas Variants: Tasha


Origin: German Meaning: diminutive form of Margareta, from English Margaret meaning “pearl”


Origin: English Meaning: one of the many, many nickname/diminutive forms of Elizabeth, meaning “My God is an oath” or “My God is abundance” Variants: Bettie


Origin: French Meaning: French diminutive of Marie, which is the French form of Maria from Mary with several possible meanings: to be rebellious; well-fed; bitter, bitterness; or it could come from Egyptian meaning “beloved” or “love”; bitter, drop; myrrh, mistress


Origin: German, English Meaning: noble Ada can also be used as a short form of names such as Adelaide and Adeline. Spelled Adah, it’s a Hebrew name meaning “ornament”


Origin: English Meaning: a diminutive form of Grace, from Latin gratia meaning “gracious”


Origin: English Meaning: nickname derived from Elizabeth meaning “My God is an oath/ My God is abundance ”  


Origin: French, Breton Meaning: Breton diminutive form of Pierre, itsef the French form of Peteter meaning “stone”


Origin: Italian Meaning: Italian diminutive of Eleanora, meaning “the other Aenor”


Origin: English Meaning: diminutive of Margaret, meaning pearl Variants: Meggy


Origin: English Meaning: diminutive of Theresa, its meaning uncertain but possibly derived from Greek theros (summer) or from Greek therizo (to harvest)