Origin: Germanic, Greek, Old Norse, Irish, Hindu, Japanese Meaning: a multicultural name with many meanings, Ida is from the Germanic element id meaning "work, labor". It's also a Greek feminine name, the name of a mountain on the island of Crete, the birthplace of the Greek god Zeus, as well as being the name of the nymph … Continue reading Ida


Pinterest Origin: Norse Meaning: debated. The only info I could find on it was that it could possibly mean "twin, hermaphrodite" from Indo-Germanic iemo In Norse mythology, Ymir was a primordial giant and the grandfather of Odin, Ve, and Vili, who later killed him and used his corpse to create the world- his blood was … Continue reading Ymir


Origin: Latin, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese Meaning: sun; short form of Solomon being peace In Roman mythology, Sol is a sun god; it also means sun in Spanish and Portuguese; Sol is also the short of Solomon, meaning peace Sól is also the Norse goddess of the sun, the equivalent of Sunna, goddess of the sun … Continue reading Sol