Origin: English Meaning: from an English occupational surname from Old English ridere meaning “mounted warrior” or “messanger”. It could also be from Old English ried, ryd meaning “clearing in a wood” with the suffix -er s a topographical name referring to a residence near a clearing. Variants: Rider


Origin: English Meaning: an elaboration of Amber influenced by Kimberly. Amber is from Arabic ‘anbar(عنبر), referring fossilized tree resin, while the -lee or -ley ending is from Old English meaning “clearing” or “grove”. However, it also has a long history as a surname. Although the origins are unclear, from what I could find it could be an occupational name…


Origin: English Meaning: There are two possible origins to the name. The first is that it could be a variant of litster, a Middle English word meaning “to dye” or “dye”, referring to a textile dyer. Lester is also derived from the name of a city, Leicester; the first part of the name comes from the name…


Origin: English, French Meaning: an English surname, an occupational name for a collector of tolls. It’s also from Old French traverser (from late Latin transversare) meaning “to cross”, referring to someone who lived near a bridge or ford


Origin: English, German Meaning: a surname that has its origins in English and German. As an English surname, it possibly comes from the legal term bailor, referring to someone who transfers their personal property to another person for safekeeping during bailment. It’s also comes from Middle High German beigel, beile meaning “measuring stick”, referring to someone who…


Origin: English Meaning: variant spelling of Clark, a surname from Old English clerec meaning “cleric” or scribe” from Latin clericus meaning “scribe”, “secretary” or referring to someone with a religious order or someone who was educated


Origin: English Meaning: from an English surname and occupation meaning “one who tans hide”


Origin: English Meaning: a surname name belonging to a person who was a steward, from Old English stig “house” and weard “guard” Variants: Stewart, Stu, Stewie

Grayson, Greyson

Origin: English Meaning: son of the stewart; it could also mean son of Gray/Grey


Origin: English Meaning: maker of arrows


Origin: English Meaning: one who plays the pipes or flute


Origin: English Meaning: harp player, or someone who made harps


Origin: English Meaning: keeper of the park


Origin: English Meaning: bailiff Variants: Bailee


Origin: English, French, Latin Meaning: tailor; to cut Gender: Unisex An English surname and occupational name, Taylor comes from the French tailleur, which itself comes from the Latin taliare, which means “to cut”


Origin: English Meaning: dispenser of provisions Variants: Spencer Gender: Male Although this is a male name, it’s also been used for girls.


Origin: Old English, Persian Meaning: Comes from the surname of a person who sold scarlet cloth, or from the red color Variants: Scarlett Gender: female Scarlet is the sister of Neve in one of my stories. The name itself comes from the Persian word saghrilat.