Origin: English Meaning: a pet form of Sarah meaning “lady, princess, noblewoman” Variants: Sadie


Origin: Greek, Latin Meaning: the Greek and Latin form of Sarah, meaning “lady, princess, noblewoman” Variants: Sarah, Sara


Origin: French, German Meaning: It means either “wealth, fortune”, or it comes from the Germanic¬†odal which means “fatherland” Gender: Female Odette is a diminutive of either Oda or Odilia, as well as being the name of the princess from Swan Lake


Origin: Persian, Arabic, Turkish Meaning: Persian form of Arabic Thurayya meaning “rich” and “wealthy”. It’s also the name for the Pleiades. Variants: Soraia; Surayya; Thurayya Gender: Female The first name I want to post is Soraya, the name of one of my main characters. It’s a variation of Thurayya. I chose this name because it…