Origin: Cornish Meaning: from a Cornish word meaning “violet”, referring to the flower. Pronounced mel-YON-en.  


Origin: Greek Meaning: the Italian and Spanish form of Greek Porphyrios, derived from Greek porphyra meaning “purple dye”. Porfiria is the feminine form of the name. Variants: Porphyrios (Ancient Greek); Porphyry (Greek); Porfiry (Russian)


Origin: English Meaning: from Latin viola meaning “violet” Variants: Violetta, Violette Violet Baudelaire is the oldest sibling and has quite a knack for inventing things.


Origin: Greek Meaning: rainbow ( Ιρις ) In Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow and the messanger of the gods. Iris is also the name of a genus of flowers as well as being a color referring to shades ranging from blue-violet to violet. Iris is also a term used to describe the…


Origin: Cornish Meaning: iris


Origin: Italian, Russian Виолетта (Russian) Meaning: Italian and Russian form of Violet, from the flower, which ultimately comes from Latin viola meaning “violet” In Russian, it’s pronounced vee-ah-LYE-tah


Origin: English, Scottish Meaning: refers to the variety of small shrubs with pink or white flowers


Origin: Greek, Spanish Meaning: violet Variants: Yolande (French)


Origin: Greek Meaning: violet flower Variants: Ianthe