Origin: Sumerian Meaning: It could possibly be related to Inanna, which might be derived from Sumerian (n)-in-an-na  which could hold the meaning “lady of the heavens” though that’s not certain. Another source (Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Names by K.M. Sheard) lists it as a reduplication of na “human being” and “incense” + a “water”. Nanaya is a Sumerian goddess…


Origin: English Meaning: from Old English sunnandaeg meaning “sun day” from elements sunne “sun” and daeg “day”


Origin: Hawaiian Meaning: composed of Hawaiian elements lei “flowers, lei” and lani “heavenly” meaning “heavenly flower” or “heavenly lei”


Origin: Greek, Latin Meaning: from Greek aster meaning “star”


Origin: Latin Meaning: bull


Origin: Latin Meaning: a Roman family name meaning “downy-bearded”, or it could also be related to Jupiter, from dyeus (referring to the Greek god Zeus meaning shine or sky) and pater, meaning “father”.


Origin: English Meaning: a word name referring to the first appearance of daylight in the morning. It also refers to the beginning or rise of an event


Origin: English Meaning: variant spelling of Star, an English word referring to “any of the heavenly bodies, except the moon, which appear as fixed luminous points in the sky at night” ( From Old English steorra

Angelica, Anjelika

Origin: English, Italian, Romanian Meaning: comes from Latin angelicas, meaning “angelic”


Origin: Georgian Meaning: heavenly, celestial


Origin: Arabic Meaning: comes from the Arabic verb taraqa, meaning “to knock” or “to pound”, or taraq, striker. It’s also the name of the morning star. According to wikipedia, it also refers to someone who shows up unexpectedly at night and knocks on the door.


Origin: Arabic Meaning: forgotten, overlooked Also the name of a star in the Ursa Major constellation


Origin: Latin, Roman Meaning: God-father Variants: Iuppiter, Iovis, Jove, Jupe Gender: Male King of the gods in Roman mythology, as well as being the god of sky and lightning, Jupiter is an interesting name. I’ve used this for a female character of mine as well as a male character; I tend to use the same…