Origin: Latin Meaning: from Latin meaning “cloud”. Nebula is also used in astronomy to refer to an intersteller cloud of gas and dust.


Origin: English, Scottish Meaning: from an English surname from Old English sterre meaning “star” with the diminutive suffix -ling meaning “little star”, so named because some of the Norman coins it was named after had star emblems on them. Sterling could also be a variant of Starling, referring to the bird. Sterling could also be a variant spelling…


Origin: Japanese 海斗 (Kaito) 海翔 (Kaito) Meaning: from Japanese kai 海 meaning “sea, ocean” combined with either to 斗 referring to the constellation of the Big Dipper, or to 翔 meaning “to soar, fly”. There are probably more meanings with different kanji but these were the most common meanings I could find. Kaito (怪 盗) is also a word meaning phanton thief…


Origin: Croatian, Latin Meaning: a short form of masculine name Pavao, the Croatian form of Paul meaning “small” or “humble”. Pavo is also Latin for “peacock”, which is what makes it a unisex name in my opinion. Pavo is also the name of a constellation.


Origin: English Meaning: a famous name created by the author Jonathan Swift for his poem Cadenus and Vanessa (1713). He created it by taking the first three letters of his lover’s surname (Esther Vanhomrigh) and adding the pet form Essa. Vanhomrigh is a Dutch surname and van means “from”, referring to a habitational surname, while Esther either…


Origin: English Meaning: a diminutive form of Esther meaning “star” in English. Esther could also be a derivative of Ishtar, a Babylonian and Assyrian goddess, whose meaning is unknown


Origin: Latin Meaning: star


Origin: Greek, Latin Meaning: from Greek aster meaning “star”


Origin: Latin Meaning: bull


Origin: English Meaning: variant spelling of Star, an English word referring to “any of the heavenly bodies, except the moon, which appear as fixed luminous points in the sky at night” ( From Old English steorra


Origin: Arabic Meaning: comes from the Arabic verb taraqa, meaning “to knock” or “to pound”, or taraq, striker. It’s also the name of the morning star. According to wikipedia, it also refers to someone who shows up unexpectedly at night and knocks on the door.


Origin: Arabic Meaning: forgotten, overlooked Also the name of a star in the Ursa Major constellation


Origin: Hebrew, English, Biblical Meaning: could mean star in Persian, but could also be derived from Ishtar, meaning unknown Variants: Ester, Esta, Estee


Origin: Indian Meaning: star Variants: Tarachande, Taraprashad


Origin: Persian, Arabic, Turkish Meaning: Persian form of Arabic Thurayya meaning “rich” and “wealthy”. It’s also the name for the Pleiades. Variants: Soraia; Surayya; Thurayya Gender: Female The first name I want to post is Soraya, the name of one of my main characters. It’s a variation of Thurayya. I chose this name because it…