Origin: English, Germanic, Gaelic/Scottish, Turkish Meaning: from Latin baca meaning “berry”, originally referring to the berries of a bay tree. As a surname it comes from Old English Beaga (m) and Beage (f) which mean “garland”, “crown” and “treasure thing”. Bay is also an English word referring to an area of water bordered by land on three…


Origin: Arabic Meaning: servant of Allah ( عبد الله ) Variants: Abd Allah, Abdulah, Abdollah (Persian), Abdullo, Abdullohi (Tajik)


Origin: Arabic, Turkish ( يوسف ) Arabic Meaning: Arabic and Turkish form of Joseph, meaning “God will increase/add” Variants: Yousef


Origin: Turkish Meaning: could be a trasncription of Hebrew Elah, meaning “oak tree” or “terebinth tree”; it’s also a Turkish name meaning “moonlight, halo” Variants: Ajla (Bosnian)


Origin: Arabic. Turkish Meaning: fair, honest, just Variants: Adel, Adila (feminine)


Origin: Turkish Meaning: a Turkish form of Alexander, which means “defender of men” or “defending men”. Variants: Iskinder, Iscander Gender: Male I think I really prefer this version of Alexander. There’s also the nickname Skander (as in the actor Skander Keynes, who was born Alexander).


Origin: Hungarian, Turkish Meaning: little father Gender: Male Since I’ve posted female names so far, I thought I’d start this with a male name today. Attila is the name of one of my male characters as well as being the name of the great Hun leader.


Origin: Persian, Arabic, Turkish Meaning: Persian form of Arabic Thurayya meaning “rich” and “wealthy”. It’s also the name for the Pleiades. Variants: Soraia; Surayya; Thurayya Gender: Female The first name I want to post is Soraya, the name of one of my main characters. It’s a variation of Thurayya. I chose this name because it…