Origin: Arabic عظمى (Arabic) Meaning: “supreme, greatest”‘ This name doesn’t feature at all in A Series of Unfortunate Events but I couldn’t find any U names so I decided to pick one and feature it regardless.  


Origin: Latin Meaning: Latin form of Greek Odysseus, which either comes from odyssomai “to hate” or oduromai “to lament, bewail” Ulysses is the Roman counterpart to Odysseus Variants: Ulyssa (f); Ulysse (French, m); Ulisse (Italian, m); Ulisses (Portuguese, m); Ulises (Spanish, m)


Origin: German, West African (Igbo) Meaning: It’s a form of German Odo, from Otto, a short form of names beginning with Germanic element aud meaning “wealth, fortune”. It’s also a unisex name in Igbo meaning “peace”


Origin: German Meaning: from Germanic elements odal “heritage” and ric “power” meaning “prosperity and power” Variants: Ulric, Ulrick, Ulrik, Odalric; Ulrika and Ulrica are its feminine forms


Origin: Irish, Latin, Old Norse, Scottish Meaning: possibly from Irish uan meaning “lamb”; in Latin it means “one”; or it comes from an Old Norse verb meaning “to enjoy” Variants: Oona, Oonagh


Origin: Hebrew, Biblical Meaning: my light Variants: Ouri