Larissa, Larisa

Origin: Greek Лариса (Russian, Ukrainian) Larisa Λαρισα (Ancient Greek) Larisa Meaning: the name of an ancient city in Greece, the name most likely means “citadel” or “fortress”. Larissa is a nymph in Greek mythology. Lara is a short form of the name. Variants: Larysa (Ukrainian); Larisa is the version often used in Russia.


Origin: Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean Meaning: farmer, earthworker; lily; glass Yuri is a male Russian name, a variant transcription Yuriy, which is the Russian and Ukrainian form of George, meaning “farmer, earthworker”. ( Юрий ) Russian;  ( Юрій ) Ukrainian Yuri is also a Japanese female name meaning “lily” (百合).. Yuriko (百合子) is a variant of the…


Origin: Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovene, Macedonian, English Meaning: Slavic form of John, meaning “Yahweh is gracious” Although in English, Ivan is always pronounced as “eye-ven”, in Russian and Ukrainian it’s pronounced as “ee-vahn”

Mischa, Misha

Origin: Russian, Ukrainian, English Meaning: Russian diminuitve form of Michael, meaning “who is like God?” Though it’s a male name in Russia and the Ukraine, it’s also been used for girls in the U.S.