A new blog…?

Over the last few days I’d been having some trouble on wordpress and as I was trying to find a solution to it, I decided to look around and came across Blogger. I think the issue I had with wordpress has been resolved but since I’ve already made an account at Blogger I’m thinking of…


Origin: Latin Meaning: a feminine form of Latin Lucianus, from Roman praenomen Lucius meaning “light”. Variants: Luciano (m), Lucianus (m) Luciana is an alias Esmé Squalor uses in the 7th book (The Vile Village). Luciana can be pronounced as loo-CHAH-nah, loo-SYAH-nah, or loo-THYAH-nah.

A to Z challenge

I’ve heard of the A to Z challenge some time ago and thought it would be an interesting theme to do. Since my blog is all about names, I’ve decided to do just that- post names in alphabetical order from A Series of Unfortunate Events, one of my favorite book series. Link to A-Z challenge…

Some links to other name blogs

These are some links to other name blogs I like to go to, in no particular order. There’s probably more but these are the ones I go to often: http://britishbabynames.typepad.com http://appellationmountain.net http://bewitchingnamesplus.blogspot.co.uk http://namesaremygame.blogspot.com http://dmnes.org http://www.babynamewizard.com http://nookofnames.com https://legitbabenames.wordpress.com https://blogofcharacters.wordpress.com http://www.onceuponatimebabynames.blogspot.com http://www.greek-names.info http://rosesandcellardoors.blogspot.com http://thebeautyofnames.blogspot.com https://lolamac.wordpress.com http://waltzingmorethanmatilda.com https://namingthefishes.wordpress.com http://www.japanese-names.org http://www.behindthename.com

A short break

I’m going to take a short break from this blog for a while so I won’t be posting anything for the rest of the week. Hopefully I’ll be back by the next week or two.


Origin: Hebrew, English, Biblical Meaning: could mean star in Persian, but could also be derived from Ishtar, meaning unknown Variants: Ester, Esta, Estee


Origin: Old Greek, Latin, Old Norse, German Meaning: Based on the Greek Korë, which means maiden, often used to refer to Persephone; it could also come from Latin meaning “little heart”; or could mean ravine in Old Norse Variants: Korra, Kora Gender: Female The name Cora was created by James Fenimore Cooper for his 1826…


Origin: German, English Meaning: universal, whole Variants: Emmy/Emmie, Ema Gender: Female Other languages: Ema (Croatian, Czech, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish) Emma is currently one of the most popular names in the U.S.; small wonder, since it’s such a short, two syllable name that seems both sweet and sassy and works in a lot of languages…


Origin: English, Scottish Meaning: church from old Norse “kirkja” Gender: Male I think Kirk Douglas and Kirk Cameron are two well-known bearers of the name. It doesn’t seem as if Kirk is a very common name. This character belongs to the brother of Ralph and Andrea in a sci-fi/fantasy world.


Origin: English, German, Italian, Spanish Meaning: It’s the Italian masculine form of Andreas meaning “of man” or “belonging to man”. It’s also a feminine form of Andrew, which means “of man” or “belonging to man” Variants: Andria, Drew, Andie/Andy Gender: Unisex Other languages: Andreas, Andre, Andrew, Ander, Anders (all male); Andriana, Andrina, Drea (all female)…


Origin: Roman Meaning: Eagle Variants: Akilina, Akulina (both Russian) Gender: Female Aquilina is the feminine form of Aquila, which means eagle. I was going to do both Aquila and Aquilina in the same post but decided not to.

Aquila, Aquilinus

Origin: Ancient Roman Meaning: eagle Variants: Aquilo Gender: Male Aquila is the brother of Attila in my story. Originally a male name, a lot of people would consider it a female name because of the a ending (although I don’t). So this name could be considered unisex although there is a feminine form of Aquila,…

My First Post :)

I’ve always had a fascination with names, though not nearly as long as I’ve loved writing. I decided to create a blog about names and see where that takes me. I hope I can keep it up, since I have a tendency of never finishing much of anything, so fingers’ crossed 🙂 BTW, I’m no…