Origin: Slavic Meaning: possibly from a Germanic name meaning “Wend”, referring to a Slavic people living in eastern Germany. Variants: Vanda (Czech, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak); Lawanda (English); Vonda (English).


Origin: English Meaning: an English surname that either comes from an Old English place name meaning “a ford” or from Old English given name Wada, from wadan meaning “to go”. Wade is also the English word meaning “to walk in water”, “to proceed or move with difficulty” or “to become involved in something in a forceful, direct…


Origin: Germanic Meaning: from the Germanic name Willahelm, composed of Germanic elements wil “will, desire” and helm “helmet, protection”, essentially meaning “resolute protection”. Wilhelmina and Willa are feminine forms of the name. Will, Willie/Willy, Bill and Billy are diminutive forms of William, as well as Liam. Variants: Wilhelm (German); Willem (Dutch); Guillaume (French)


Origin: Native American Meaning: from what I could find online, it’s a transcription of Western Cree words win-nipi meaning “muddy/brackish or dirty water”. The name Winnipeg is mentioned in Book 10 (The Slippery Slope) as the surname of one of the children Esmé Squalor plans to steal the fortune of. Winnipeg is also the capital of…


Origin: English Meaning: from Old English wodnesdaeg meaning “Woden’s day”, Woden being the Anglo-Saxon version of Odin


Origin: English Meaning: from Germanic Willihard, composed of Germanic elements wil “will, desire” and hard “brave, hardy”


Origin: English Meaning: though J.M. Barrie created the name from a nickname meaning “friendly”, the name had been used prior to Peter Pan, possiby related to Welsh Gwendolen and other names beginning with the element gwen meaning “white, fair, blessed”. Wendy could also be the feminine form of Wendel/Wendelin meaning “vandal” Variants: Wendi, Wendie


Origin: English Meaning: an English surname either from Norman French warrene “animal enclosure” or just “enclosure” or else derived from the name of a town in Normandy, La Varenne. Spelled Warin, it becomes a Germanic element meaning “guard, protect”. Variants: Warrin


Origin: English, German Meaning: surname derived from given name Wendel, meaning “a Vandal”. It might also mean “tro travel, proceed”