Origin: Welsh, English Meaning: from Welsh Myrddin meaning "sea fortress". Meaning: Merlin is a key figure in the King Arthur romance, a sorcerer who is Arthur's closest adviser and ally. The name was Latinized into Merlinus by Geoffrey of Monmouth because its regular form, Merdinus, was similar to the Anglo-Norman word merde that meant excrement. Myrrdin Wyllt … Continue reading Merlin


Origin: Welsh, Irish Meaning: from Old Welsh name Morcant derived from Welsh mor "sea" and cant "circle" or can "white, bright" meaning "sea circle" or "sea white/bright". It's also a modern form of Morgen most likely based on Irish Muirgen meaning "born of the sea". I've also seen it listed as "great hundred" from Welsh mawr "great" and cant "hundred". In Arthurian Romance, Morgan le … Continue reading Morgan